Premium Mini Shapes

Premium Mini Shapes

Premium Mini Shapes are made in the USA with certified laboratory tested seeds. Up to 85% GERMINATION RATE with these shapes! Each shape comes packaged in a eco-bag, along with a 2.875” x 3.375” fully customizable insert card. Add your logo and tagline! Choose from a wide variety of our stock shapes. Need a custom shape? We can do that too. Contact us for a quote.Each mini shape is approximately 2” x 2.5” (Size varies from shape to shape)


Paper Options

Shape options

PMS-1, Bra

PMS-2, Dollar sign

PMS-3, Heart

PMS-4, Pine tree

PMS-5, Flower (1)

PMS-6, T-shirt

PMS-07, Boot

PMS-8, Leaf

PMS-9, House

PMS-10, Cactus

PMS-11, Ribbon (1)

PMS-12, Sun

PMS-13, Butterfly

PMS-14, Star

PMS-15, Cross

PMS-16, Arrow

PMS-17, Africa

PMS-18, Fish

PMS-19, Northern Star

PMS-20, Oval

PMS-21, Pot

PMS-22, Diamond

PMS-23, Dragonfly

PMS-24, Hexagon

PMS-25, Tooth

PMS-26, Bottle

PMS-27, Snowman

PMS-28, Bus

PMS-29, Pink Ribbon

PMS-30, Red Ribbon

PMS-31, Yellow Ribbon

PMS-32, Purple ribbon

PMS-33, Blue ribbon

PMS-34, Turbine

PMS-35, Foot

PMS-36, Watering can

PMS-37, Bee

Grows flowers that attract bees.

Need a specific shape? Contact us for a quote.