Elementor #9225

Premium Large Shapes

These colorful shapes are a green and cost-effective gift! The same high quality product you know and love, just a fraction of the price.  Each shape is die-cut from our colorful brilliant line seed papers. 100% seed paper shapes packaged with a crystal clear sleeve, and a  4” x 5” fully customizable insert card. Perfect for flat mailers or hand-outs!

 If we don’t have the shape you need, contact us for a custom shape quote.

Each shape is approximately 3” x 3.5”
Size varies from shape to shape


Paper Options

Choose from any one of these paper options.

Shape options

PLS-1, Heart

PLS-2, Pine tree

PLS-3, Butterfly

PLS-4A, House(1)

PLS-4B, House(2)

PLS-5, Shamrock

PLS-6, Earth

PLS-7, Pineapple

PLS-8, Bear

PLS-9, Basket

PLS-10, Cross

PLS-11, Snowflake

PLS-12, Oak Tree

PLS-13, Sunburst

PLS-14, Water drop

PLS-15, Blood drop

PLS-16, Leaf

PLS-17, Running Man

PLS-18, Dove

PMS-19, Lighthouse

PLS-20, Snowman

PMS-21, Chef Ha

PLS-22, Hand

PLS-23, Puzzle piece

PLS-24, Shovel

PLS-25, Trowel

PLS-26, flower with stem

PLS-27, Maple leaf

PLS-28A, Green Ribbon

PLS-28B, Red Ribbon

PLS-28C, Purple Ribbon

PLS-28D, Orange Ribbon

PLS-28E, Pink Ribbon

PLS-29, Apple

PLS-30, Dollar sign

PLS-31, Flower

PLS-32, Pumpkin

PLS-33, Tomato

PLS-34, Onion

PLS-35, Carrot

PLS-36, Foot print

PLS-37, Star of David

PLS-38, Lightbulb

PLS-39, Crescent moon

PLS-40, Tulip

PLS-41, Dolphin

PLS-42, Bug

PLS-43, Music note

PLS-44, Turtle

PLS-45, Crab

PLS-46, Rooster

PLS-47, Humming Bird

PLS-48, High Heel

PLS-49, Cow

PLS-50, State of Ohio

PLS-51, State of Maryland

PLS-52, State of West Virginia

PLS-53, State of Maine

Need a specific shape? Contact us for a quote.