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All Symphony products are made to order right here in the USA. We sell our handmade paper promotions through wholesale distribution companies. If you need help connecting with a distributor, contact us with the form below, or email us directly to get started. We look forward to working with you!

    About Symphony

    Symphony Seed Papers is a Santa Fe based company that offers handmade in the USA, easy on the earth, biodegradable seed paper promotional products. When planted, the paper recycles into the soil, and the seeds grow into flowers, herbs, vegetables or trees…nourishing the soul of the gardener as well as the earth.

    Symphony Seed Papers started the seed paper movement in 1995 with  a novel idea – to bring environmentally friendly products to the promotional market. We even won “The Most Creative New Product” award in 1995 for our original and amazing approach to gift giving. Since then, Symphony has worked with thousands of customers, and has produced seed paper for some of the largest companies on the planet. We have won numerous awards for our creativity and excellence in manufacturing,

    Each sheet of paper is handmade in our state of the art paper making warehouse using the old fashioned handmade paper approach. No heat is ever used, so the seeds stay vital and alive. Seeds are locally sourced, and have a gone through rigorous purity and germination tests. We stock many varieties of papers using various seed mixes from herbs, vegetables, flowers and trees, and include natural flower petals, fern, pine needles, and items directly from nature to beautify the look of the paper.  We can also make original papers to customize your special project.

    Seed paper is beautiful, organic, low cost, lightweight, and easy to give and mail, so can fit many varieties of promotional events. With the giving of a handmade, seed paper promotion your message stays alive and keeps on growing.

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    All Symphony's products are made using recycled, biodegradable fibres. We don't use any chemical or additives in the process. We pride ourselves on our commitment to bettering the earth.


    Our products are handcrafted in our family run warehouse. We have a small, dedicated team that take the time and effort to ensure every one of our products that ship out are of the highest standard.


    Symphony Handmade Papers is proudly American owned and operated. We craft our paper right here in the USA from locally sourced, recycled fibres. Established in 1995 we were the first in the industry for plantable papers.